Real Men Wear Heels~May 20th

17 May

To increase Awareness of the increase of Sex trafficking in Chicago and to help organizations combating the causes and effects of trafficking, Mr. Rose’s Modern World History Class at Clemente High School will lead a school and community wide march through the Division street.

All are welcome to join in and support in any way that they can, whether through Spreading the word, Advertising, Donating, or by walking themselves.

Heres how to sign up!!!
To “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” All participants are humbly asked to wear Red High Heels in support of this cause, and to seek sponsors to inspire them in this endeavor

Express Train::May 21st

30 Apr

A night of visual ART reflecting the various ways we EXPRESS gender and sexual identities. 

djs • music • dancing • drinks

Suggested donation $6. All proceeds go to Dyke March Collective.
To find out more about Chicago Dyke March Collective visit their website
 or facebook page

See you at the Silver Room! 1442 N. Milwaukee Ave

Call for Art for “Express Train” May 21

24 Apr

Venus Collective presents…

 Express Train :: Sat 5/21/2011

a fundraiser for Dyke March Collective

8pm to 2am :: $6

The Silver Room :: 1442 N Milwaukee Chicago IL

~ Get on board~

~A night of art reflecting all the various ways we EXPRESS our gender and sexual identities~

Venus Collective  will curate a fundraiser at the Silver Room for Dyke March  Collective and we want your art to tell the story of gender & sexuality in all their multiplicity.  Exhibit your art and add to the larger discussion on lesbian, straight, trans, two-spirit, bi, queer, womyn-loving-womyn, questioning, married, single, asexual, committed, feminine, masculine, urban chic femme, studs, boi, butches, lipstick, lipgloss, fitted caps, nailpolish, jewelry, gauges, tattoos, writers, artists, drummers, dancers, athletes, divorced, partnered, polyamourous, motherhood, gender non-conformity, refuse to be labeled or fluid.

Please share with us 1-4 pieces of art, (photography, sculpture, mixed media, paintings, etc) that reflect all the wondrous ways you are you or how you conceptualize gender & sexuality.

To exhibit your art email Venus Collective at

by May 10th

How do you identify?

Is it in the pumas or stilettos you rock?  Is it displayed in your dyke do or your long twisted locs? Is it in the home you create with your boy/girlfriend? The pronoun with which you identify?  Is it in the rituals or family customs you share with your mother or sister?   We each perform our gender and sexuality uniquely.  How do you do it?  Are you even aware you do it?  Has your expression of your gender or your sexuality changed over time?

 Express Train

Taking off 5.21.11

Get on Board

Venus at Dominican University

17 Mar
Venus Collective is honored to participate in Dominican University‘s “Latino Community Spaces by and for Women” panel discussion today with Mujeres Latinas en Accion and Catholic Charities
Happy Women’s History Month!

“Damaged Goods” Book Release

11 Mar

Next Saturday, March 19th,  join us in attending a one of a kind Book Exhibit + Release Party for “Damaged Goods | Learning, Growing & Letting Go” by Olga Maria Marroquin as we walk throught the mind of “Mella

Liberating “Mella” Exhibit:
An extension of the book “Damaged Goods – Learning, Growing, and Letting go” – explores a young woman’s (Mella) journey of self-discovery with an enthralling art exhibit that brings the book to life, and takes the viewer on a visual story-telling tour of her transformation from negative to triumphant.

Exhibit Program:
Hosted by Daisy De La Cruz of De La Croix Media Group, a special word by Bridgette Outten Vice President & Editor-in-Chief of It’s Not Enough to Dream Women’s Small Business Circle & Magazine, Eclectic Hip-Hop and Indie sounds by D.J Mr. West, displaying original works by: Alex V. Puryear & Amanda Mudrovich, spoken word pieces by Brittney Ortiz of “The Massive”, Ashley Joyce of TRM Magazine and more special guests.

Featured exhibit illustrations by:
Veronica Mercado curated by Olga M. Marroquin, Author of featured book + creator of “Liberating Mella” exhibit tour + advocate for non-violence/positive reinforcement programs through creativity and arts.

“Liberating Mella” Philosophy:
Mella is anyone who has battled with insecurities of not fitting in to a world that is molded to a specific shape – and if you don’t
fit in it, you are judged, condemned, and labeled for it. She’s a celebration and positive reinforcement for those times when we
don’t feel like being different is necessarily a good thing. This is testament of the power you hold when you take life’s uncomfort-
able moments and turn them into fuel.

The Mission:
Mella aims to expand, culture, and liberate the mind from the shackles of main stream media and social expectations – so that young women can be aware of the great power they harvest inside of themselves and use it to its greatest potential

How beautiful and unique does this sound?

We are all looking forward to this wonderful event. We hope you join us in supporting a powerful sister.

Happy International Womens Day!

8 Mar

Today is the 100th International Womens Day. Its so humbling to think of all the work by our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers to create the world we are in now. Though there is still much more that needs to be done for true gender equality, we are filled with love & gratitude for all of our feminist foremothers.

Today, share the day with the special women in your life how much they mean to you. Reflect on the role of women in your life. Give a flower to a woman who has had an impact on you and spend time with those you love. Venus Collective and family will be spending the evening at The Tree of Life: Honoring the Influence of Women in Community at Allyu Spa with Everyday Medicine Woman to reflect, honor and appreciate everything that women in our Chicagoland community have done at . Join us if you’d like! Info on post below

Today is also Feminist Coming Out Day!  Check out

Some other great websites to navigate to today:

Feminists For Choice’s History of International Women’s Day

Huffington Posts’ 5 Ways to Help Empower Women

The Girl Effect


Follow us on Twitter for more great Women’s websites @venuscollective

The Tree of Life

8 Mar

Join Venus Collective in supporting Everyday Medicine Woman and Allyu Spa this Tuesday, March 8th to honor the 100th International Women’s Day at The Tree of Life:

Tuesday March 8th at Allyu Spa 600 W Chicago Ave

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