Donation Recipients

Venus 2010 “Just Be: Soul Revival” Recipient:

Rape Victim Advocates provides 24 hour crisis response for rape victims in 11 hospitals across the Chicago Metropolitan Area, free advocacy & counseling services, to survivors of sexual violence, and prevention education and professional trainings to change the way individuals insitutions and communities respond to rape.

Haiti Disaster Relief Fundraiser:

Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti‘s mission is to mobilize themselves as Haitians in the Diaspora to help develop Haiti. To strengthen and organize our human and material resources, our children, friends and allies of Haiti to make a positive contribution towards the creation of a stable, peaceful and prosperous Haiti where we, as Haitians in the Diaspora can reintegrate ourselves into the life of our country.

Our donation was in direct response to the 2010 Earthquake that left 230,000 people dead and 1.6 million homeless. Though the Haitian Congress has concluded its emergency phase of material donations it is still accepting medical, shelter and other materials on a case by case basis.

Venus 2009 “A Celebration to Rejuvenate the Collective Spirit” Recipient:

Mwavido is a non profit organization based in Kenya whose primary purpose is empowering Maasai women economically through art and providing education opportunities to girls through sponsorship. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for the Maasai community. It all started when one woman stood up for her rights and said “no” to female mutilation. There is now a community of 200 women following her footsteps and working together to support all those women who are preparing to say “no” as well. The reason they need support is because once they say “no” they are completely marginalized by their community because they are believed to be unholy. This organization provides them with guidance & support to get an education and to be able to live as the rest of their village without having to be violated.  These 200 women go all over the country educating women about their rights and  their available resources should they decide to say NO. They support themselves by making artwork and selling it.

Venus 2008 “A Day Without A Woman” Recipient:

Finca Tocori Verde was born out of the realization that we all have the responsibility and duty to help initiate a paradigm shift for a brighter tomorrow.  They practice Eco-Sustainability, Permaculture, Homestead Living, Earth Stewardship, Renewable Energy, Botanical Pharmacopia, Reforestation, Healing Therapies, Watershed Management, Animal Husbandry, Natural Building Methods, Nutritional Bio-Dynamic Gardening, Composting, Trail Maintenance, Furniture Making and much more on their land in Costa Rica.

Their vision is to one day, with the help of fellow Earth activists, become a self sustaining collective of teachers, students, healers, artists, and naturalists. The idea is to inspire and ignite the flame of creativity in us all in order to restore a balance with our connection to the Earth. Getting back to our roots. In order to accomplish this were putting out the call to fellow warriors.


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