Featured Comedic Artist: Gwen La Roka

9 Oct

The Venus Collective are very excited to have GWEN La ROKA as our first comedic artist, and organizer of Venus 2010…

Gwen La Roka has just recently grabbed a hold of the microphone,

but since then she has managed to take the comedy scene by storm.

Skilled in the arts of break-dancing, emceeing, writing, spoken-word,

and acting; Gwen seamlessly combines these talents and others to

keep crowds laughing with her highly energetic comedy routine.

Never forgetting her Mexican/Guatemalan cultural roots, Gwen holds

nothing back while entertaining crowds with stories about her

escapades growing up in a Latin household to living as a skinny girl in the Windy City.

Gwen’s commitment to grassroots activism and social justice has

inspired her to keep crowds laughing while giving a voice to many

often marginalized communities.  Similarly, Gwen finds audiences

enjoy her often quirky, real, yet clean viewpoint on touchy topics such

as body image, sexual identity and her scoliosis diagnoses.

Gwen recently claimed 1st place in Mikey O’s Annual “Last Loco

Standing” comedy competition, making her the first female Last Loca

Standing to win the title. Additionally, she has shared the stage with

some of comedy’s most loved and respected comics such as Patti

Vasquez (TBS), Alex Ortiz (BET), and Shayla Rivera (Comedy Central).

Gwen also appeared as one of Chicago’s 2010 “Comadres of

Comedy”, alongside Ana Belaval (WGN News) & Patti Vasquez.

Gwen’s honest comedic approach, meshed with her physical humor,

enables her to bring together diverse crowds from all ethnic

backgrounds in solidarity, while reminding us that we are all one in

the same, here to live life with a little laughter in our hearts.

Club Appearances:

• Zanies – Chicago, Illinois

(Queer Queens of Comedy)

Corporate & University Events:

• HISLEA – Hispanic Illinois State

Law Enforcement Association

Chicago, Illinios

• Northeastern Illinois University –

The Black Heritage Month of

Northeastern Illinois University;

Floetry & Poetry. An Evening of

Improv and Poetry

Visit Gwen La Roka’s Facebook page:




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