Call for Art for “Express Train” May 21

24 Apr

Venus Collective presents…

 Express Train :: Sat 5/21/2011

a fundraiser for Dyke March Collective

8pm to 2am :: $6

The Silver Room :: 1442 N Milwaukee Chicago IL

~ Get on board~

~A night of art reflecting all the various ways we EXPRESS our gender and sexual identities~

Venus Collective  will curate a fundraiser at the Silver Room for Dyke March  Collective and we want your art to tell the story of gender & sexuality in all their multiplicity.  Exhibit your art and add to the larger discussion on lesbian, straight, trans, two-spirit, bi, queer, womyn-loving-womyn, questioning, married, single, asexual, committed, feminine, masculine, urban chic femme, studs, boi, butches, lipstick, lipgloss, fitted caps, nailpolish, jewelry, gauges, tattoos, writers, artists, drummers, dancers, athletes, divorced, partnered, polyamourous, motherhood, gender non-conformity, refuse to be labeled or fluid.

Please share with us 1-4 pieces of art, (photography, sculpture, mixed media, paintings, etc) that reflect all the wondrous ways you are you or how you conceptualize gender & sexuality.

To exhibit your art email Venus Collective at

by May 10th

How do you identify?

Is it in the pumas or stilettos you rock?  Is it displayed in your dyke do or your long twisted locs? Is it in the home you create with your boy/girlfriend? The pronoun with which you identify?  Is it in the rituals or family customs you share with your mother or sister?   We each perform our gender and sexuality uniquely.  How do you do it?  Are you even aware you do it?  Has your expression of your gender or your sexuality changed over time?

 Express Train

Taking off 5.21.11

Get on Board


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