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“Damaged Goods” Book Release

11 Mar

Next Saturday, March 19th,  join us in attending a one of a kind Book Exhibit + Release Party for “Damaged Goods | Learning, Growing & Letting Go” by Olga Maria Marroquin as we walk throught the mind of “Mella

Liberating “Mella” Exhibit:
An extension of the book “Damaged Goods – Learning, Growing, and Letting go” – explores a young woman’s (Mella) journey of self-discovery with an enthralling art exhibit that brings the book to life, and takes the viewer on a visual story-telling tour of her transformation from negative to triumphant.

Exhibit Program:
Hosted by Daisy De La Cruz of De La Croix Media Group, a special word by Bridgette Outten Vice President & Editor-in-Chief of It’s Not Enough to Dream Women’s Small Business Circle & Magazine, Eclectic Hip-Hop and Indie sounds by D.J Mr. West, displaying original works by: Alex V. Puryear & Amanda Mudrovich, spoken word pieces by Brittney Ortiz of “The Massive”, Ashley Joyce of TRM Magazine and more special guests.

Featured exhibit illustrations by:
Veronica Mercado curated by Olga M. Marroquin, Author of featured book + creator of “Liberating Mella” exhibit tour + advocate for non-violence/positive reinforcement programs through creativity and arts.

“Liberating Mella” Philosophy:
Mella is anyone who has battled with insecurities of not fitting in to a world that is molded to a specific shape – and if you don’t
fit in it, you are judged, condemned, and labeled for it. She’s a celebration and positive reinforcement for those times when we
don’t feel like being different is necessarily a good thing. This is testament of the power you hold when you take life’s uncomfort-
able moments and turn them into fuel.

The Mission:
Mella aims to expand, culture, and liberate the mind from the shackles of main stream media and social expectations – so that young women can be aware of the great power they harvest inside of themselves and use it to its greatest potential

How beautiful and unique does this sound?

We are all looking forward to this wonderful event. We hope you join us in supporting a powerful sister.


My Name is Flor Contemplacion…

2 Mar

Join Venus Collective in supporting this amazing production in observance of International Women’s Day

Nara Movement Project in Cooperation with Calles y Sueños presents …

My Name is Flor Contemplacion: I was hanged this Afternoon
by: JB Capino

“On 17 March 1995, at about 6am, Flor Contemplacion, a Filipino migrant domestic worker aged 42 and the mother of four children, was hanged at Changi Prison on the order of a Singapore court. In the days and weeks immediately before and after the hanging, millions of Filipino citizens rose in protest at the death of a woman widely believed to be innocent.”

Directed by: Giau Truong
Performances by: Aimee Algas, Ginger Leopoldo and Je Nepomuceno

Calle y Sueños
1901 S. Carpenter, Chicago IL

Friday March 4 – 8 PM
Saturday March 5 – 8 PM
Sunday March 6 – 6 PM

Tickets are $15 General Admission and $10 for Students.
For more information please email us at
pls call 312-401-9929

To purchase tickets:

About Calle y Sueños:

“Calles y Sueños”, was founded in the 80’s by several Latino artists, as a creative response to the once prevalent artistic void that existed in Chicago’s Latino arts community. The intention was to nurture change and liberation that was expressed on a multitude of levels. Culturally and politically, the artistic community that was created by “Calles y Sueños” till this day continues to cultivate its Latino roots and plant new seeds. Its ever-evolving identity continues to germinate into new manifestations. As the community of “Calles y Sueños” grows, we still realize we are a “transplanted people growing in a jungle of alienation, racism and economic hardship.” Our roots and branches are connected by the intermediate hope of our creativity.

100th International Women’s Day!

27 Feb

This Tuesday, March 8th is the 100th International Women’s Day.

Amazing that all of our sisters and,  yes, brothers, have been struggling for peace & justice for women for so long. Inspiring to think of how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.  International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world, and there are still so many of our Sisters throughout the globe that continue to survive despite immense oppression, injustice  & violence.

Both to honor their continued struggles and to celebrate the freedom in which so many of us thrive, Venus Collective will be attending  “The Tree of Life: Honoring the Influence of Women in Community” an event hosted by Allyu Spa with Everyday Medicine Woman.

Tuesday March 8th at Allyu Spa 600 W Chicago Ave

Please join us in supporting these powerful & inspiring healers and activists as they honor three women doing inspiring work in the community.

“Our intention for this year’s celebration is to think globally and act locally. Throughout the world, if you want to get something meaningful done, you must get the women or mothers on board. Women who stay in their communities are like trees, offering sustenance, security, beauty and strengthen with age.” – Susan Lipshutz

If you’d like to RSVP to their facebook page click here.

If you’d like to see Venus Collective’s facebook page click here.

And if you have any questions, as always, email us at

Pictures & Videos Galore

15 Dec

Its been tough with all the holidays but all the pictures are finally making their way onto here!

Special thank you again to Photographers  Elia L Alamillo of Foto ChicasAllison Glenn who shared their expertise and took shots at Venus 2010!

You can find some of the pics on our Venus 2010: Just be: Soul Revival page where you can also find this video by Kebi Morales of Ajanta Chakraborty performing a Bollywood Dance

Love & Gratitude

11 Oct

We feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing community! Love & gratitude to everyone in the Venus Family! From the amazing visual artists, performing artists, vendors & organizations to our male allies who volunteered before and during the event. From those who’ve supported us for years to those who we met last night.

Last night was truly a Soul Revival.

We will be posting pictures & updates soon. If you took any pictures last night please share them with us! We also openly welcome any and all feedback. Let us know what you thought about the event, the performers, the art, the vendors, the orgs, the set up, the space, the vibe, the flow, and the energy. Email us at

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.

~Arundhati Roy

Featured Comedic Artist: Gwen La Roka

9 Oct

The Venus Collective are very excited to have GWEN La ROKA as our first comedic artist, and organizer of Venus 2010…

Gwen La Roka has just recently grabbed a hold of the microphone,

but since then she has managed to take the comedy scene by storm.

Skilled in the arts of break-dancing, emceeing, writing, spoken-word,

and acting; Gwen seamlessly combines these talents and others to

keep crowds laughing with her highly energetic comedy routine.

Never forgetting her Mexican/Guatemalan cultural roots, Gwen holds

nothing back while entertaining crowds with stories about her

escapades growing up in a Latin household to living as a skinny girl in the Windy City.

Gwen’s commitment to grassroots activism and social justice has

inspired her to keep crowds laughing while giving a voice to many

often marginalized communities.  Similarly, Gwen finds audiences

enjoy her often quirky, real, yet clean viewpoint on touchy topics such

as body image, sexual identity and her scoliosis diagnoses.

Gwen recently claimed 1st place in Mikey O’s Annual “Last Loco

Standing” comedy competition, making her the first female Last Loca

Standing to win the title. Additionally, she has shared the stage with

some of comedy’s most loved and respected comics such as Patti

Vasquez (TBS), Alex Ortiz (BET), and Shayla Rivera (Comedy Central).

Gwen also appeared as one of Chicago’s 2010 “Comadres of

Comedy”, alongside Ana Belaval (WGN News) & Patti Vasquez.

Gwen’s honest comedic approach, meshed with her physical humor,

enables her to bring together diverse crowds from all ethnic

backgrounds in solidarity, while reminding us that we are all one in

the same, here to live life with a little laughter in our hearts.

Club Appearances:

• Zanies – Chicago, Illinois

(Queer Queens of Comedy)

Corporate & University Events:

• HISLEA – Hispanic Illinois State

Law Enforcement Association

Chicago, Illinios

• Northeastern Illinois University –

The Black Heritage Month of

Northeastern Illinois University;

Floetry & Poetry. An Evening of

Improv and Poetry

Visit Gwen La Roka’s Facebook page:



8 Oct

We are so thankful to have La Pixie as a performing poet at Venus 2010!

La PiXie Urban Poetess Bio

Sandra Posadas, “La PiXie,” is a Puerto Rican woman born and bred in Humboldt Park, Chicago, Illinois.She has her B.A in Early Childhood Eduction form Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Sandra is currently finishing her M.A. in Bilingual/Bicultural education at De Paul University in Chicago. She is a teacher, published artist/illustrator, artisan, performance poet and actress. As an original cast member of the Vida Bella Ensemble,she successfully co-wrote her first production in 2007, Brown Girls Singing, which was successfully staged at University of Chicago and Jane Addams’ Hull House  as part of Teatro Luna’s Women of Color Playwritng competition(curated by Dr. Coya Paz). As a cast member of the Vida Bella Ensemble, she has also traveled to Colorado, California, and New York performing the award winning play, The Brown Girls’ Chronicles: Puerto Rican Women and Resistance.  She participated as a cast member of the Teatro Luna’s 10 x10 project. Currently,Sandra is part of  two other projects; The Guild Complex’s Poetry Performance Incubator series titled Tour Guides as an ensemble member of writers/perfomers and part of the rotating ensemble cast of Beast Woman Performance Series at The Green House Theater.

Sandra  has published her poetry in several anthologies including Stray Bullets; An Anthology of Chicago Saloon Poetry(Tia Chucha Press) and The Journal of Ordinary Thought (Fall 2009 and Winter 2010) She also performs at various Chicago venues and has presented her art work at various local venues including The 2010 Logan Square Arts Festival, Wright College, The University of Illinois at The Chicago Symposium for Women of Color and The Creative Feminist Alliance at De Paul University. She was recently the featured poet at Proyecto Latina. She’s not afraid to live life authentically and is all about telling it like is. Sandra believes strongly in that art can educate. She believes in using art as knowledge and transformation so that all participants and spectators examine themselves in relation to their place in society. Through different modalities that she uses, whether visual, interactive, or the performing arts, the audience can explore, reflect, analyze and transform the reality in which they are living.

For more info please go to La Pixie’s Website:


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