Arts in Action

The purpose of Arts in Action is to host events. The events will showcase womyn in the arts, build relationships and raise awareness and funds to support womyn’s organizations through collaborative exhibitions.

Spiral Effect

The Spiral Effect is the process of using small group gatherings to explore our identities through introspection, self-healing and learning in solidarity with womyn and our allies. Through a variety of manifestations, from facilitated activities and talking circles to casual gatherings or outdoor excursions, the purpose of Spiral Effect is for women to reflect upon their multiple identities and foster leadership and community.

Spiral Effect also includes the Mothersphere, a circle for mothers to support eachother throughout the blessings and challenges of motherhood.

Creative Community

Venus Collective takes an active role in advocacy, community organizing and supporting peace and justice for all marginalized communities. Creative Community organizes and unites the network of powerful women in Chicagoland to continue in the multiple struggles of our multiple identities.


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