Venus 2010




Video by Kebi Morales of Ajanta Chakraborty performing a Bollywood Dance

Thank you to the talented Allison Glenn, who took these professional photographs at Venus 2010: Just Be:Soul Revival

For the full effect of Venus 2010 see our Flicker Pictures on our Home Screen

Thank you to everyone who voted on the theme for VENUS 2010. We were overwhelmed at how many people, in the spirit of the Venus Collective process, shared their insights on the theme they wanted to experience at this year’s Venus Show.

This year’s theme is one that we all have been resonating with. Call it synchronicity, but this theme is quite fitting for a state that we all yearn to embrace more and more lately. From the daily hustle, reviewing the past & preparing for the future, getting done what needs to get done and making sure you are living out your passion, sometimes its hard to Just Be.

So for all of us who struggle to create & live our lives to the fullest, we are yearning for a Soul Revival to elevate us to the self-love we all need.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Venus 2010, to celebrate not only our fore-mothers who have paved the way, and the women in our lives who are there for us, but the feminine within us all.


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