These are group norms that Venus Collective uses during organizing and women’s circles.
  • Listen generously without thinking of what to say next. BE ATTENTIVE, practice active listening.
  • Suspend judgment be aware and check yourself, understand where others are coming from. Seek to understand how a person arrived at their belief instead of trying to change someones mind. When one is busy judging a person, group, or process, responsibility for understanding and improving the group is limited.
  • Care and focus on others
  • Recognize that all group members have value Make sure group utilizes each persons unique worth.
  • Relational leadership & shared leadershipFacilitate from the chair All group members can improve the success of a group even if they are not in charge of the group and challenge old stereotypes of leaders.
  • Ask questions to help understanding Seek to understand , dig deeper. This is how you connect with others. Find out how a person arrived at their position, not just what their position is.
  • Steer clear of group thinking as a model of approaching things Reward new thinking approaches, make it a practice to not stifle out of the box responses or contributions.
  • Believe in the group process Thinking that one knows better than others must be examined before facilitating. The facilitative leader creates the best process for a group to connect with each other, work through chaos, develop unity, and perform.
  • Be mindful of your words so not to harm others

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