Visual Artists

Venus is filled with gratitude to have such talented Visual Artists be a part of 2010’s show

If you would like to show your work at Venus 2011, email us at

  • Lauren Feece
  • Tracey Ariga
  • Berenice
  • Karolina Kowalczyk
  • Barbara Hayden
  • Jessica Juarez
  • Chandra Clark
  • Manuela Perez
  • Karolina Faber
  • Real Eyes Moms
  • Anna Soltys
  • Kamelia H
  • Claudia Garcia-Rojas
  • Brandy Jones
  • Casmir Mercedes
  • Karina Gomez
  • Jeanette Perkal
  • Andrea Hill
  • Guadalupe Jaime
  • Kristen Atkinson
  • Chelcie S Porter
  • Allison Glenn
  • Laura Gomez
  • Amy Mall
  • Bic Wirtz


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